Evaluation Process 

JEC Schedule:

LBAW conducts judicial evaluations throughout the year for those candidates seeking appointment to the bench. All other candidates for the bench may schedule an interview with the JEC for either April, June, August, or October.  Judicial ratings from LBAW are valid for three years.

When To Apply:

The JEC asks applicants to provide their request for rating and written materials well in advance of an application for appointment or election in order to ensure timeliness.  Applicants should provide this information at least 30 days before the deadline for evaluations or one week prior to the deadline for submission of the application to the Governor’s Office, whichever is earlier. 

Evaluation Process:

In arriving at a rating, a panel of JEC members will consider all information gathered in the review of materials submitted by the candidate, the reference checks, and the interview.  The JEC will evaluate the following areas in the candidate's background and experience when providing an evaluation:
. trial experience;
. prior legal experience;
. experience as a neutral decision maker;
. diversity of legal experience; and
. degree of community service.

The panel will conduct an interview lasting about thirty (30) minutes.  The candidate may make an introductory statement and a closing statement.  The interview is designed to elicit information regarding the candidates prior experience, ability to remain judicious in stressful circumstances, experience and/or potential as a neutral fact finder, judicial demeanor, diversity of legal experience, legal ability, ethical conduct, integrity, commitment to justice for all, community service, understanding of diverse perspectives, and a demonstrated sensitivity to all persons.   


The possible ratings after review has been undertaken are Exceptionally Well Qualified (EWQ), Well Qualified (WQ), Qualified (Q), and Not Qualified (NQ).  Failure to provide sufficient information or to otherwise cooperate with the process results in an "insufficient information to rate" statement.
Disclaimer: LBAW strives to administer the entire JEC process in a uniform, fair, and consistent manner.  The process remains the same regardless of the candidate and candidates are not rated by comparison to other candidates.  Many of the volunteers regularly give their time to this process ensuring that over time, the process remains consistent.

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